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Liver cleanse program


Liver cleanse questions, comments, thoughts…why we do It…

This cleansing kit will support the body’s primary organ of self-detoxification, throughout your cleanse.
The liver is a large organ weighing three pounds in the average adult and measuring about 9.5 inches across. It performs over 500 separate metabolic functions for the body. These functions can be grouped into two main actions: one, processing digested food received from the blood and fats from the lymphatic. Two..filtering waste and toxins also from the blood.
The liver controls the glucose (sugar) level in the blood. It can remove or add glucose at will. This keeps the level of glucose at a constant within the blood at all times. The liver collects newly absorbed nutrients and depending on the body’s needs can either release them into the blood or store them as fat or glycogen.
The liver also stores copper, iron, and the vitamins A, B12, D, E, and K. The liver has cells called Kupffers cells that ingest and break down old white and red blood cells. The Kupffer’s cells also break down some bacteria as well as toxins.
There are areas in the liver that specialize in the chemical alteration of toxic molecules into water-soluble forms. These forms are less harmful and can easily be eliminated through urine via the kidneys.
The liver can also eliminate harmful substances by excreting them into the bile. The gallbladder is a pear shaped pouch for bile received from the liver, which, when secreted into the small intestines, helps to digest and break down fat and cholesterol. Bile salts contain cholesterol in a liquid form.
However, if there is an excess of cholesterol and other toxins they can crystallize in the gallbladder. When this happens gallstones begin to form. One can easily see the importance of this powerful organ of elimination. If the liver is toxic the entire body will certainly suffer. In turn when the liver has been cleansed, almost all the body’s processes will be greatly strengthened.
Physical signs traditionally associated with a toxic liver & gallbladder
Primary Signs
. Easily Fatigue
. Headaches, including migraines
. lnsomnia
. Food sensitivities
Secondary Signs
. Period problems & severe PMS
. Gallstones
. Alcohol & substance abuse
. Stiff, tense, aching muscles and nerves
. Weak tendons
. Eye problems: including spots, floaters, dry eyes, cataracts, and sore   eyes
. Nails: dry & over cracked
. Tics & tremors
. Lack of energy
. Allergic reactions
. Hypoglycemia
. Disturbed equilibrium
. Constipation
In Depth
As we know, the liver is the body’s primary means of processing toxins. When it becomes overwhelmed the body is affected in many ways.
Because of the increased difficulty dealing with toxins in the body, one may become much more sensitive to environmental toxins, increasing allergic responses, feelings of lethargy, and lack of energy.
The body is overwhelmed at its primary processing plant. When this happens, toxins begin to backup and affect other areas of the body.
Also, the liver controls the body’s sugar level. In a toxic state the liver may struggle to maintain this constant level. leading to fluctuating sugar levels that can greatly affect one’s energy level.
Emotional signs traditionally associated with a toxic liver & gallbladder
Primary Signs
. Anger
. Frustration
. Lack of concentration
. Mental confusion
Secondary Signs
. Lack of ability to express anger
. Irritability
. Unreasonable temper tantrums
. Mood swings
. Depression
. Nightmares
. Violent behavior
In Depth
A great deal of energy is used to perform all of the liver’s many functions. However, if excess toxins are present, the liver is unable to use its own energy and this creates a situation similar to a huge traffic jam at rush hour.
Nothing can go anywhere and this manifests itself as a great source of frustration and anger. With energy it cannot use, the liver and one’s emotions have a very short fuse.
On the other hand, a toxic system can also limit the liver’s energy.
If one’s liver doesn’t have enough energy to perform all its tasks, one may become ungrounded.
This manifests as mental confusion and lack of concentration related to the liver’s inability to carry out all of its necessary tasks.
This  program is design to facilitate the body with the nutrients it needs to generate the correct energy throughout the body strengthening the life force within.
GRECAL: Use one cup every morning. 
LIVER GALLBLADDER: Use 2-3 cups throughout the day everyday. 
COLON CLEANSER: Use 2-4 capsules every night between 7:00pm -9:00pm.
PARAMUNE: On day 21 begin using 1- 2 cup per day
To energize the liver with high nutrient foods. Ingesting either in liquid or solid form which can help improve digestion,circulation, elimination…improving overall wellness.
Replace low energy foods like white flower,white rice and dairy with mineralrich superfoods. No meat (carcass)
Grecal herbal tea: Drink one cup of Grecal herbal tea each morning preferably before breakfast.  
Liver Gallbladder tea: Drink two cups per day one hour before or after meal…(lunch and dinner).
You can also drink the Liver Gallbladder tea throughout the day if you choose, and if possible finish drinking teas by 6:00 pm.
Colon Cleanse: Take four capsules every night between 7-9 pm.
Paramune herbal tea: On day 21 of liver flush program, begin drinking Paramune herbal tea, one cup each morning 30 minutes after drinking liver flush drink and One cup between 4&6 pm.
Liver flush drink should be added to program on day 23. 
These 5 days will consist of 2 days of purifying raw foods and 3 days of a juice fast.
Ingredients and preparation.
8oz of fresh squeeze orange juice
8oz of purified water
1-5 cloves of garlic (start with 1 and increase daily)
1-5 tablespoon of organic cold press extra virgin olive oil (start with one tablespoon on first day and increase daily, day two of flush 2 tablespoons, daythree of flush 3 tablespoons..)
1 piece of ginger root (1 inch long)
Blend ingredients together in blender each morning for the next 5 days increasing cloves of garlic and tablespoons of olive oil each day.
5 day Liver gallbladder flush program consist of 2 days of a purifying raw foods and 3 days of juicing.
Step 1. Upon arising drink 8 ounces of lemon water.
Step 2. Next prepare and drink liver gallbladder flush drink .
Step 3. 30 minutes after drinking liver flush drink, drink a cup of paramune tea.
Step 4. If hungry
Days #1 and #5
If hungry before lunch time you may have fruit, diluted fruit juice or fruit smoothie. Stop all fruits and juices at least 1 hour before lunch.
It’s best to avoid mixing fruit, nuts and vegetables while on the program.
Great morning nutritional drink
8oz of fresh squeeze fruit or vegetable juice
8oz lemon water
1/2cup of fruit or vegetable (prefer seasonal) foods that can be added to nutritional drink… spirulina, chlorella powder, maca powder, ashwagandha powder, blackberry powder, blackcurrant powder, turmeric powder, chlorophyll, blueberry powder, maqui berry powder.
Be creative with your morning nutritional drink
For lunch you can have
Fresh raw vegetables alone or in salads
Potassium broth
And herb teas
You may use dressings for your salads, olive oil, avocados raw apple, lemon juice, garlic onion, ginger, parsley, kale, parsley, dill, thyme, cucumber, sage, arugula, cabbage, dulse flakes, dandelion flowers… along with herbs and spices of your choice..spice up your life!!!
they should be all fresh and full of energy.
Afternoon snack – If hungry raw vegetables, sprouts, potassium broth or if not hungry have some liver gallbladder tea.
If hungry diluted fruit juice, fruit salad, herb teas.
DAYS #2 #3 #4
Step 5. This  is a three day fasting, consume at least one gallon of liquid a day or more.
Morning- start with water, your morning flush drink, paramune tea and nutritional drink.
Mid morning- diluted  fruit juices, liver gallbladder tea.
Afternoon – diluted vegetable juice, potassium broth, herb tea.
Evening – diluted fruit juice, herb teas and water in the evening.
Day #5……on day #5 you will be breaking your fast, your  food program will be the same day as DAY #1. Breaking fast is very important part of the program, chew your food slowly and mix each mouthful with plenty of saliva  and eat until you’re satisfied, not full. You can always eat more later on if your still hungry. Remember chew everything to a liquid pulp.

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