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Step one

When it comes to toxic sugar elimination, its always good to know your enemy. I just wanted to share some insight before we got to the details on the simple and effective steps in eliminating sugar from the body.. forget about the word “diabetes” that shit never kill nobody, lets get focus now on the main cause of body system failures. We know that sugar is acidic and causes the body to become predominantly acidic over time which just foks the body up. We want you to look at seeded lemons, ever ask why they are added to so many drinks and dishes?

Take avocados for example, when you making guak you squeeze a little lemon on it to maintain freshness and avoid the dark color change of the avocado aka as (oxidation). This freshness is what is know as oxygen rich. Just like any natural food, when cut oxidation begins due to the fact that the avocado is exposed to the atmosphere which is acidic. Now that you may be ingesting so much acidity and don’t realize it, the body begins to breakdown rapidly over time. So one of the simple and effective ways to energize the body is to ingest seeded lemon water, simply because of its ability to neutralize acidity quickly.

One of the main reasons we like this simple and effective method of using seeded lemons to neutralize the acidity of the body’s sugary state is that we’ve talked to many people that choose the alkaline water which is great, what we found with it, is that if the pH of the water if too high can make the user feel nauseous even to the point of being sick. So if you choose to use alkaline water from a machine it may be best to start at a pH of 8 and work your way up to 9.5 . You can do the numbers and then decide which way is best for you, just remember when it comes to alkaline water you are looking for a high ORP (oxidation reduction potential) and not so much ph. The color of water and drinks changing when testing for pH may be cool and fascinating but please check the orp to make sure you are receiving the benefits you are looking for, which evolves naturally in seeded lemons.

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