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Beware of the unseen

Sugar has now breach the liver and the liver has no choice but to ask the body to help contain the abundance of toxic waste, sorry I meant sugar. Where did the body choose to store this waste is your adipose tissue. Now how does the sugar get there is through the circulatory system, we prefer the river of life.

Have you ever seen a sand blaster in action cutting through dirt and grime. How about use a sugar scrub on your skin. Both actions are for the purpose of cleaning the surface and removing unwanted matter. What we need to understand is, just because sugar has been diluted to the point it can’t be seen by the human eye doesn’t mean its not there. It is just in a tiny molecular structure. Now picture this same coarse sugar that one may use in a body scrub, nano size racing through your arteries, veins and capillaries. Slicing and dicing the interior lining of your arteries and veins weakening the structure of your circulatory system. (Now remember when we train the body is always doing the right thing) Now ask yourself what would be the body’s next move?

Lets see if we can connect some dots. If I was to get a cut my blood will coagulate and close up the cut eventually forming a scab, the scab falls off and cut is healed. (short version) Now in order for the body to heal the same cut and scarring on the inside it begins to produce what is called bad cholesterol. note (the body doesn’t produce anything bad). My dam neck hurting me from typing this shit. Ok so now the body starts producing more ldl than usual to take care of the internal wounds that is being done by the sugar and instead of helping the body accomplish what it’s trying to do which is to heal itself from the internal damage of the sugar, doc say “hey your bad cholesterol is high”. Now the chaos start, ok we will put you on this to manage your cholesterol, while the scaring and cutting of the arteries and veins continue. 

This is where giving the body some good green juices will help provide the body the energy it needs to assist with the internal healing. Along with green juices I also did salads along with increasing my exercise time. When I went back in after 3 weeks my ldl was back to so-called normal levels, why would that be? I would say this is where body functions comes in handy, when you know what the body is trying to do only then you can help it. Listen we don’t want you to just cut out sugar, but we would like you to at least be able to ID sugar. When it comes to diabetes.. sugar is the cause.

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