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Herbal Artist Training Summer 2020

Begins July 20th, 2020


It has been over 3000 years we have written records of  the human race being plagued with many conditions. Fast forward to 2019 where these conditions have tripled, and we are at a point where our man made inventions are becoming obsolete… Because of this fact we have seen many who are seeking “alternative” solutions to wellness, and even with all the access to so much information some are still running into road blocks on their journey to wellness. Our Herbal Artist Training is to eliminate all guess work along with these conditions that have become so rampant throughout the universe.

  1. We train in the arts of the fundamentals of all life energies. 
  2. Build relationships with herbs.
  3. Master the 12 body systems that work as the one unit of energy it is.
  4. Transform herbs to eliminate any condition that may appear.
  5. Explore mind and body oneness.
  6. Raise the awareness to the knowledge one already possess. 

Our training is designed to be simple and effective. The art of using what nature provides to correct changes within the body. Changes that cause conditions to develop into sickness, bad health and low energy. Our Herbal_artist training will allow you to identify the cause of these changes, either physical or mental and correct them naturally.

Our online Herbal Artist Training runs from July 20th, 2020. We start with our online meet and greet on Monday July 20th, at 7:30 pm training begins and runs through to January, 2021.

Training is done two days per week, every Monday and Wednesday from 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm est. If there is a need for another day to be added for extra training you will be notified in advance.

All training is recorded to both audio and video in the event a trainee is late or misses a session. All literature will be posted ahead of time so trainees can read and observe before training session begins, so we can have a tremendous training experience..


I want to start by saying what a brilliant herbal artist training this is. Although the herbal artist states “we are nature and nature is always doing what is right”. The  brilliance really stems from the way the material is broken down and taught. This method is so igniting that it literally cause one to remember on a cellular level that they are nature. You become connected to the herbs in a way that can never be forgotten.

With that being said the herbal Artist training course is detailed and organized by the different body system. The herbal artist encourages the learning of herbs through using them and observing the characteristics and behaviors of the herbs. This has been an effective learning style for me because its an interactive method that helps to engage all my senses when learning and herb. I pay attention to its smell, color, shape, texture, and where its growing. All that information tells a lot about an herb.  Simply studying what an herb does is only scratching the surface in terms of what that herb does. Furthermore, I was taught the five elements and how they relate to various herbs when healing multiple conditions.The herbal artist training teaches various things: applying herbs to medical conditions, applying proper parts, creating custom blends, formulating salves, making herbal oils, creating home cleaning products, making natural  hand sanitizers, creating fermented foods, making lotions and creams. In addition, this course addresses formulating a business around herbs, herbal product making and conducting consultations.

Overall, I would recommend the herbal artist training to anyone who wants to be an herbalist, learn about herbs for your own health & your familys’ health, build a business around herbs or simply interested in learning about herbs. The herbal artists are amazing herbalist and are dedicated to our understanding of herbs because we are the herbs.

This course will change your life.

It has change mine. Thank you so much Herbal Bush House- Herbal artists…

Yoanne Ismael- Walker

For your Chakra Healing blends.
link Herbal Artist Sabriina @queensunitedwholistic ..

We see people from all walks of life taking our training, many of them say they may just want he knowledge to help themselves and their family members and we always say to them so what would you do when the people you help start to tell others. This is why in our training we cover from the fundamentals of all live, to doing full consultations, public speaking, tea blending and much more.

Your 3rd week into the training we encourage you to begin working with family members, friends even clients. We will have a further discussion on this in training.

All trainees are encourage to join the private chat that is for Herbal Artist and Trainees only. You will be required to put on three community events that we may attended to support Trainees.

Our Herbal Artist Training is a subscription base training for six months @ $200.00 per month for a total investment of $1200.00, which can be broken down to $6.60 a day. See you on July 20th, 2020. #staytrainig

Upon completion of training, you will receive your certificate .

Final day for registration is August 3rd, 2020. After this date we will not be accepting any more trainees.

From Herbal Artist Adele..CEO of Naturalrootsnyc.. thankyou…

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