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Herbal Artist Training.. Spring Edition

Begins March 29th, 2021


It has been over 3000 years we have written records of  the human race being plagued with many conditions. Fast forward to 2021 where these conditions have tripled, and we are at a point where our man made inventions are becoming obsolete… Because of this fact we have seen many who are seeking “alternative” solutions to wellness, and even with all the access to so much information some are still running into road blocks on their journey to wellness. Our Herbal Artist Training is to eliminate all guess work  along with these conditions that have become so rampant throughout the universe.

  1. We train in the arts of the fundamentals of all life energies. 
  2. Build relationships with herbs.
  3. Master the 12 body systems that work as the one unit of energy it is.
  4. Transform herbs to eliminate any condition that may appear.
  5. Explore mind and body oneness.
  6. Raise the awareness to the knowledge one already possess. 

Our training is designed to be simple and effective. The art of using what nature provides to correct changes within the body.  Changes that cause conditions to develop into sickness, bad health and low energy.  Our Herbal_Artist Training will allow you to identify the cause of these changes, either physical or mental and correct them naturally.

Our online Herbal Artist Training runs from March 29th, 2021. We start with our online meet and greet on Monday March 29th, at 7:30 pm training begins and runs through to September, 2021.

Training is done two days per week, every  Monday and Wednesday from 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm est.  If there is a need for another day to be added for extra training you will be notified in advance.

All training is recorded to video in the event a trainee is late or misses a session. All literature will be posted ahead of time so trainees can read and observe before training session begins, so we can have a tremendous training experience… Our Herbal Artlst Training is currently $1200.00. Automatic payments are set up upon registration, your account debited monthly for $200.00 per month for 6 months. 

Registration closes on April 5th 2021 at 9am est..

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P.T.S.D… Saturday January 30th 4-6pm est

What is PTSD? Posttraumatic stress disorder can occur in ALL people no matter their age, ethnicity, nationality, or culture. Who does it affect? Study’s show it is a common disorder that occurs in an estimated 1 in 11 people, with women being twice as likely as men to have.

Join us Saturday January 30th, 2021 at 4pm EST. We will answer these questions, have live demonstrations, and give tips & tricks to self-soothe when you don’t have anyone else to turn to.


.The body and stress

.Calming the mind

.Getting back to nature

.Fire Ceremony

.Fueling the body


.Live demos and more…

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Thyroid Awareness

We have put together a webinar that can assist in the elimination of these conditions. Sharing holistic knowledge along with tips and tricks so that you may have the necessary tools to nourish and care for your thyroid which can eliminate those conditions.

Topics include ..

  • Some common symptoms that appear with the thyroid condition
  • Hyperthyroidism & Hypothyroidism
  • Connecting the emotional to the physical
  • Throat chakra energetic techniques
  • Assisting the thyroid through yoga
  • Sound and color therapy for the throat
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Eliminating Anemia

The Herbal Artist Network is back with another webinar for your mind , body and soul. In this case your blood…

On December 19th 2020 @4pm est.. We’ll be discussing Anemia and the dangers of iron deficiency that plague society today, the different conditions it can create within the body, as well as natural remedies that can eliminate anemia effectively.

We will be covering the dangers of being anemic…

Herbal Iron that can increase Iron quickly and efficiently within the body..

Live demos..

Conditions that can develop from being Iron deficient..


Herbal lron vs lron pills.. Liquid lron..

How does the body process and use Iron..


Anemia and pregnancy…


Cell death….

Loss of hair, Brlttle nalls…

Fuel (foods) that can maintain the correct amount of Iron in the body…….. And more..

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Herbal Sex carries and holds the Power of 4, which in our Universe communicates as our feelings. Herbal Sex will assist you in identifying how to transform each level of intimacy naturally as our Herbal Elemental Artists break down Anatomy, Nature, Herbs, Food, Brews and Smoke Blends that can all enhance the the sexual experience.

Chakra Alignments, Breathing techniques, Sex Tools & Products to inform, stimulate and enhance your caged desires. Allow us to guide and provide you with the natural remedies and knowledge needed but rarely communicated.

Collectively we will be demonstrating live techniques, tools and tricks to bring that FIRE to any room. Each artist vibrates elementally, flowing freely yet connected to bring you the best Herbal Orgasmic experience…

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With all that men face in today’s environment, we feel the need to raise the awareness of issues #DEEZNUTS may have to deal with while living in this society, that can lead to common conditions that have been normalized. We will raise your awareness to the energy of the prostate and testes so you can work at eliminating any condition that may develop due to stress, food, lifestyle.

Our goal with #DEEZNUTS webinar is to let you know that it’s easy to stay ready so we never have to get ready.. Not having to reach for a pill 30 minutes before you’re about to put in that bedroom work. We will also share some simple and effective maintenance tips that can sustain the body’s energy. By eliminating stress which is the cause of most conditions we may develop in our society today.

We will share information on herbs that can support improve prostate, sex, lifestyle and a whole lot more. We would also like you to invite the woman in your life, so they can share this experience and have the knowledge they need to help support their men in eliminating conditions from #DEEZNUTS.

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Liver Cleanse begins Feb, 23rd 2020

For liver cleanse program details click this link:
liver cleanse kit link:

Why is the liver important?

The liver is the second largest organ in your body and is located under your rib cage on the right side of the body. It weighs about three pounds and is shaped triangular in shape. The liver performs many jobs in your body. It processes what you eat and drink into energy and nutrients your body can use. The liver also removes harmful substances from your blood…

Carbohydrate Metabolism

It is critical for all to maintain concentrations of glucose in blood within a narrow, normal range. Maintenance of normal blood glucose levels over both short (hours) and long (days to weeks) periods of time is one particularly important function of the liver.
Excess glucose entering the blood after a meal is rapidly taken up by the liver and sequestered as the large polymer, glycogen (a process called glycogenesis). Later, when blood concentrations of glucose begin to decline the liver activates other pathways which lead to depolymerization of glycogen (glycogenolysis) and export of glucose back into the blood for transport to all other tissues.When hepatic glycogen reserves become exhausted, as occurs when we haven’t eaten for several hours, do the hepatocytes give up? No! They recognize the problem and activate additional groups of enzymes that begin synthesizing glucose out of such things as amino acids and non-hexose carbohydrates (gluconeogenesis). The ability of the liver to synthesize this “new” glucose is of monumental importance.

Fat Metabolism

Few aspects of lipid metabolism are unique to the liver, but many are carried out predominantly by the liver. Some major examples of the role of the liver in fat metabolism… The liver is extremely active in oxidizing triglycerides to produce energy. The liver breaks down many more fatty acids that the hepatocytes need, and exports large quantities of acetoacetate into blood where it can be picked up and readily metabolized by other tissues…
A bulk of the lipoproteins are synthesized in the liver…
The liver is the major site for converting excess carbohydrates and proteins into fatty acids and triglyceride, which are then exported and stored in adipose tissue…
The liver synthesizes large quantities of cholesterol and phospholipids. Some of this is packaged with lipoproteins and made available to the rest of the body. The remainder is excreted in bile as cholesterol or after conversion to bile acids.

Protein Metabolism

The most critical aspects of protein metabolism that occur in the liver are:
Deamination and transamination of amino acids, followed by conversion of the non-nitrogenous part of those molecules to glucose or lipids. Several of the enzymes used in these pathways (for example, alanine and aspartate aminotransferases) are commonly assayed in serum to assess liver damage…🤔
Removal of ammonia from the body by synthesis of urea. Ammonia is very toxic and if not rapidly and efficiently removed from the circulation, will result nervous system disease (cleaning products anyone)… A frequent cause of such hepatic encephalopathy in dogs and cats are malformations of the blood supply to the liver called portosystemic shunts…
Hepatocytes are responsible for synthesis of most of the plasma proteins. Albumin, the major plasma protein, is synthesized almost exclusively by your liver……..

Liver cleanse program details.. click link..

Link to liver cleanse kit ..