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P.T.S.D… Saturday January 30th 4-6pm est

What is PTSD? Posttraumatic stress disorder can occur in ALL people no matter their age, ethnicity, nationality, or culture. Who does it affect? Study’s show it is a common disorder that occurs in an estimated 1 in 11 people, with women being twice as likely as men to have.

Join us Saturday January 30th, 2021 at 4pm EST. We will answer these questions, have live demonstrations, and give tips & tricks to self-soothe when you don’t have anyone else to turn to.


.The body and stress

.Calming the mind

.Getting back to nature

.Fire Ceremony

.Fueling the body


.Live demos and more…

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Thyroid Awareness

We have put together a webinar that can assist in the elimination of these conditions. Sharing holistic knowledge along with tips and tricks so that you may have the necessary tools to nourish and care for your thyroid which can eliminate those conditions.

Topics include ..

  • Some common symptoms that appear with the thyroid condition
  • Hyperthyroidism & Hypothyroidism
  • Connecting the emotional to the physical
  • Throat chakra energetic techniques
  • Assisting the thyroid through yoga
  • Sound and color therapy for the throat
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Eliminating Anemia

The Herbal Artist Network is back with another webinar for your mind , body and soul. In this case your blood…

On December 19th 2020 @4pm est.. We’ll be discussing Anemia and the dangers of iron deficiency that plague society today, the different conditions it can create within the body, as well as natural remedies that can eliminate anemia effectively.

We will be covering the dangers of being anemic…

Herbal Iron that can increase Iron quickly and efficiently within the body..

Live demos..

Conditions that can develop from being Iron deficient..


Herbal lron vs lron pills.. Liquid lron..

How does the body process and use Iron..


Anemia and pregnancy…


Cell death….

Loss of hair, Brlttle nalls…

Fuel (foods) that can maintain the correct amount of Iron in the body…….. And more..

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Herbal Sex carries and holds the Power of 4, which in our Universe communicates as our feelings. Herbal Sex will assist you in identifying how to transform each level of intimacy naturally as our Herbal Elemental Artists break down Anatomy, Nature, Herbs, Food, Brews and Smoke Blends that can all enhance the the sexual experience.

Chakra Alignments, Breathing techniques, Sex Tools & Products to inform, stimulate and enhance your caged desires. Allow us to guide and provide you with the natural remedies and knowledge needed but rarely communicated.

Collectively we will be demonstrating live techniques, tools and tricks to bring that FIRE to any room. Each artist vibrates elementally, flowing freely yet connected to bring you the best Herbal Orgasmic experience…

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With all that men face in today’s environment, we feel the need to raise the awareness of issues #DEEZNUTS may have to deal with while living in this society, that can lead to common conditions that have been normalized. We will raise your awareness to the energy of the prostate and testes so you can work at eliminating any condition that may develop due to stress, food, lifestyle.

Our goal with #DEEZNUTS webinar is to let you know that it’s easy to stay ready so we never have to get ready.. Not having to reach for a pill 30 minutes before you’re about to put in that bedroom work. We will also share some simple and effective maintenance tips that can sustain the body’s energy. By eliminating stress which is the cause of most conditions we may develop in our society today.

We will share information on herbs that can support improve prostate, sex, lifestyle and a whole lot more. We would also like you to invite the woman in your life, so they can share this experience and have the knowledge they need to help support their men in eliminating conditions from #DEEZNUTS.

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Beware of the unseen

Sugar has now breach the liver and the liver has no choice but to ask the body to help contain the abundance of toxic waste, sorry I meant sugar. Where did the body choose to store this waste is your adipose tissue. Now how does the sugar get there is through the circulatory system, we prefer the river of life.

Have you ever seen a sand blaster in action cutting through dirt and grime. How about use a sugar scrub on your skin. Both actions are for the purpose of cleaning the surface and removing unwanted matter. What we need to understand is, just because sugar has been diluted to the point it can’t be seen by the human eye doesn’t mean its not there. It is just in a tiny molecular structure. Now picture this same coarse sugar that one may use in a body scrub, nano size racing through your arteries, veins and capillaries. Slicing and dicing the interior lining of your arteries and veins weakening the structure of your circulatory system. (Now remember when we train the body is always doing the right thing) Now ask yourself what would be the body’s next move?

Lets see if we can connect some dots. If I was to get a cut my blood will coagulate and close up the cut eventually forming a scab, the scab falls off and cut is healed. (short version) Now in order for the body to heal the same cut and scarring on the inside it begins to produce what is called bad cholesterol. note (the body doesn’t produce anything bad). My dam neck hurting me from typing this shit. Ok so now the body starts producing more ldl than usual to take care of the internal wounds that is being done by the sugar and instead of helping the body accomplish what it’s trying to do which is to heal itself from the internal damage of the sugar, doc say “hey your bad cholesterol is high”. Now the chaos start, ok we will put you on this to manage your cholesterol, while the scaring and cutting of the arteries and veins continue. 

This is where giving the body some good green juices will help provide the body the energy it needs to assist with the internal healing. Along with green juices I also did salads along with increasing my exercise time. When I went back in after 3 weeks my ldl was back to so-called normal levels, why would that be? I would say this is where body functions comes in handy, when you know what the body is trying to do only then you can help it. Listen we don’t want you to just cut out sugar, but we would like you to at least be able to ID sugar. When it comes to diabetes.. sugar is the cause.

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The body’s natural cycle

The absolute worst possible dietary pattern of eating for a type II diabetics is the standard diet advice given by dietitians and doctors across the country for almost all type ll diabetic patients, helping to  lock in an international epidemic of type II diabetes. They routinely tell individuals to snack in order to maintain their blood sugar and to “stoke” their metabolism with fuel. In normal health, when you haven’t eaten for three hours, insulin levels return to a baseline. Now your pancreas makes a  different hormone called glucagon. This hormone tells your liver to release the sugar it has stored (glycogen) to sustain your blood sugar levels, and as it does this it turns on your liver’s fat burning system. Why would one be advise to eat six small portion meals per day? Thus, under the influence of glucagon your liver simultaneously uses sugar and fat to sustain your blood sugar a true fat burning time that helps to clear up stagnating levels of triglycerides in your blood.

Also keep in mind that the body operates on a 24 hour cycle, like the 8 hour work day then you have a shift change. The body’s work day begins with assimilation. This is where we fuel the body when ready with the proper quality nutrients to sustain most of your day, this should always be the most energizing meal of the day. On the second shift comes digestion, the period where food is being broken down and used as fuel for the body with any extra energy being stored for later use. Third shift the body enters its cleansing phase, this period is where the body prepares to eliminate waste. Most of the time the body’s cleansing phase takes place over night when the body is at rest and this is the main reason you tend to go the toilet first thing in the morning. Yet we are taught we should eat 3 meals per day breakfast, lunch and dinner. Removing the body from its natural cycle, forcing it to perform nine cycles per day. Yet we wonder why the body is breaking down so rapidly. 

If you snack on anything surpassing thirty calories you will raise insulin, which automatically turns off glucagen, causing fat burning to stop, and blunts the use of sugar that has been stored in your liver. However, since you haven’t used the stored sugar in your liver, then insuiin can’t put more sugar back in your liver as it normally would, meaning it will readily turn blood sugar into fat (even if you snacked on something with no fat). You are supposed to get a snack between meals, but it’s supposed to come from your liver. Not from eating. The worst thing for leptin and insulin are eating between meals, eating large meals, eating low fiber, eating highly refined sugar or refined carbohydrates and not exercising. If you eat anything after dinner, especially a heavy dinner you make matters even worse, because now you reduce the optimal access into your stored fat during sleep, a prime opportunity to burn fat. When this system is abused and weight is gained, then fat begins to accumulate in excess in your liver. (one of the main reasons some people may wake up tired is eating heavy diner and eating later, now when the body should be cleansing it has to be digesting. Working overtime)

The fat clogs your liver metabolism and reduces the ability of sugar to store in your liver following a meal. This is liver insulin resistance caused by fatty build up. This means that you are much more likely to become hypoglycemic or  low blood sugar between meals, as you don’t have enough sugar in your warehouse to use for blood sugar between meals. This same fatty liver problem also gets in the way of how glucagon would burn fat between meals, causing glucagon to synthesize sugar in an inappropriate and out of-control manner, making blood sugar go high even though you haven’t eaten. This is why diabetics wake up with very high fasting blood sugar levels. These are complicated metabolic problems that are more difficult to fix than simple case of insulin resistance. Furthermore, your pancreas starts to tune out leptin, meaning that leptin resistance is occurring at the level of beta cells and the beta cells aren’t getting the leptin message to stop making insulin  in a timely manner. This causes extra insulin to be made, which excessively lowers blood sugar by turning sugar to fat, while simultaneously inducing hypoglycemia or low blood sugar symptoms. Not to mention all the overtime work the pancreas is doing for because of the problems that this sugar cause.

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Snowball effect

Blood sugar is taken up by fat cells, activating their metabolism, in turn producing the hormone leptin.
Leptin now enters your blood and begins traveling up to your brain. The more you eat, the more insulin your pancreas produce and the more leptin the body makes. When leptin levels get high enough, meaning you have eaten enough, then leptin permeates into your brain and tells your subconscious brain you are satisfied. This is where quality vs quantity matters. At the same time the higher levels of leptin are also telling your pancreas that you are full, which turns off the beta cell production of insulin, as no more taxis are needed.
If you ate the right quality of food for your physical activity level then blood sugar always has some place healthy to go.

Insulin rises and falls in a controlled manner, as does leptin.  When insulin has too many blood sugar passengers and cells don’t need any sugar, then insulin stimulates the production of triglycerides (which can become stored fat aka waste, the majority of this triglycerides build up in the arteries, veins and capillaries). As triglycerides elevate in your blood they get in the way of leptin getting into your brain. This keeps you eating more than you need to because you don’t have a full signal yet, a problem called leptin resistance. This encourages even further insulin-driven triglyceride formation, making it more likely you will gain weight also.

If you continually eat too much and are gaining weight, then your body cells get tired of seeing insulin taxis pulling up. In fact they shutter their windows and lock their doors, yes your cells will refuse to take in anymore sugar for the simple fact that the cells of the body knows it will be destroyed by the toxic sugar intake and here is when we see the body’s limbs turning black in color. Insulin becomes persona non grata. The reason for this rejection of insulin is rather simple “if the cells took in blood sugar when they can’t use it because they already have enough, then the extra sugar will caramelize and kill the cell. The same caramelization or crystallization one may experience in the kidney in the form of kidney stones. Rejecting insulin is a self defense measure some say. We have to understand the intelligence of the body is way beyond what is taught, we must know the body will do the correct thing at any given point in time because it wants to be here. 

This is the mechanism behind basic insulin resistance at the cellular level. If this problem keeps going, blood sugar levels continue to  rise, insulin resistance gets worse, leptin resistance gets worse, cholesterol levels go up, blood pressure goes up, triglyceride levels go up, and inflammation really starts heating up. Then BOOM your a type ll diabetic, Now risk factors for heart and kidney disease lock into place.

The problem for any kind of blood sugar medication is that it only addresses one of many mechanisms that aren’t  working right, while creating its own side effect complications. At best, it is a temporary solution with a narrow scope of benefits and never address the true source of the problem “sugar”. Furthermore, when more drugs are added in an effort to more comprehensively address the multiple aspects of problems, then side effects really pile up in a hurry and destroy your body. This means the risk of multiple drug treatment far outweighs the benefits, more often, the medication either forces sugar into cells killing or injuring them or it transfers the sugar into fat, making leptin problems worse that in turn make insulin problems almost impossible to solve. The shortcoming of these medications is openly acknowledged in the scientific literature, yet this is what passes for standard medical care. Therefore the statement is created “there is no cure for diabetes”

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Blood Sugar 101

First off, your blood is not a very sweet beverage. Normal fasting blood sugar is slightly less than one teaspoon of sugar in your five or so quarts of blood. What happens when you drink a sugar-sweetened drinks that contains ten teaspoons of sugar?  
When you eat any food, even fat, will raise your insulin level. Higher amounts of refined carbohydrates- aka sugar or simple sugars will raise your insulin faster and in higher amounts. The greater the fiber content of what you eat, the slower insulin is raised and the more natural  the process.

When you eat a large meal, regardless of the type of calories, it causes a large surge in insulin. Insulin is a taxicab for calories, its goal is to take blood sugar as its passenger to various locations in the body that needs it. It helps if you are active as some of the sugar is more likely to be wanted by cells in the body, especially muscle cells. this is why regular exercise helps burn up and remove some of the excess sugar. 
Some say blood sugar is fuel to the body, like gasoline is to a car. Your brain must have a regular supply or your head conks out. I guess the difference is your car’s thank when its full it just cant hold anymore, but the body doesn’t come with that type of check valve to say it is full and can’t take any more sugar, so now the body begins to breakdown because of too much sugar (“the number one source of fuel to the body”) yea ok. 

Following a meal your insulin taxis are busy transporting sugar through your circulation and out to your cells, hoping to find cells that need some sugar. In a “healthy person”, insulin drops off a whopping sixty percent of the sugar in your liver which turns it into the body’s toxic warehouse, the body then signals the liver to begin converting blood sugar to glycogen for storage. Insulin is released by your pancreas in two phases, the first phase is from insulin that is already made and stored in your pancreas, which is just waiting for some food to come along. This is your first wave of taxis coming to pick up the first set of blood-sugar passengers. The release of this insulin triggers your pancreas beta cells to start making more insulin to deal with the rest of the meal. As you are eating, some of the insulin transports blood sugar to your white adipose tissue or stored fat aka (waste).