Meet your Herbal_Artlst

Hi I am Herbalist Adele. 
I am a product maker of natural items for hair and body.  I was looking to learn more about herbs for a few years.  I was glad to find HBH! I’ve been interested in herbs for awhile. I’ve always used them In some form or another through the years. I’m looking to make more herbal products and teas that can eliminate the many conditions that plague our community today. I focus on women’s health, high blood pressure and diabetes. With the availability of video conferencing I am now extending my reach to the global community improving wellness world wide. 

Tamara Albertini “The Hair HerbalIst”
As a young girl I always dreamed about becoming a doctor because bodily functions fascinated me. But as I grew older and wiser, I discovered that wasn’t my path. Treating people through conventional medicine didn’t feel right to me, but healing myself and others through natural medicine did!
I was Interested In the art of transformation through nature’s work. At the age of 10, I learned how to braid and twist hair. Years later I continued it as a side gig while I went to school for business. But Becoming a hairstylist wasn’t my plan. It wasn’t until in 2014 after I completed my Initiation with Queen Afuas Sacred Woman Program, when somethIng clIcked and my meshkenet (business) was birthed.
Ancestral Strands! I’d decided to take braIdIng to another level, a more spiritual and historical level through our African lineage In the form of a Braid, Brand/Salon. I learned the sacredness of hair, the power of our beIng, and connection to our roots.
In 2015, I attended a herbal class with one of my sacred sisters. It was taught by herballst  Toks Anthony, Not only did this class change my whole perspective on life but I knew I found my purpose! I began studying w/ him for a few years after and completed my herbalist training. Being that the love for our bodies biology hadn’t left me, I had found my callIng and connection to the plants, their healing, and our bodies. In 2017, Herbal Hair Bar was birthed! This was the full connection to my love for hair, health, and now herbs.
As a Hair Herbalist, I consult w/ clients about their hair and full body health and how we can formulate tea blends and hair products for their hair needs. Hair ailments only surface when there is an imbalance in other areas of the body. So that’s what we target, the whole body!
If you are interested in learning more, please visit my website at to book a consultation for hair and body.