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This space is designed to change lives physically and mentally through the observation of nature. we will be discussing the use of food, herbs, oils and much more. some of the best ways to use them to acquire the results you need when it comes to strengthening the body’s life-force.

Our free membership grants you access to all free content: this includes many herbs, plant observation, public discussions and more ……. fro free access just go to registration page and register for full free access!

Our paid herbal_artlst membership consist of the following topics, live group video discussions and exercises in nature.
.natures elements
.natures biomes
.energy awareness
.plant signatures
.human body….and more

the program is design for a 6 month period. Upon completion a certificate of competency will be given providing you you have satisfied all requirement within the six month period.
This program is all about action so as we meet for our weekly discussions, observational exercises will be given form drinking teas, plant identification and even participating in various energy exercises..
other events that will soon be available:
.product making
.tea blending

.elemental eatlng……..

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Our Herbal _Artlst is currently on Break, we will resume shortly..