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So when we look at sugar breaching the body by way of the liver now we have an imminent threat. cause now we have the sugar in the body, remember the difference between man made sugar and nature’s sweet. So now as the drug is in the body the liver trys it best to do damage control. Let’s look at it in simple terms. The blood doesn’t have more than one teaspoon of sugar in its 4-5 liters at any given point in time. 

Sugar has breach the liver, who despite all its efforts to keep sugar out the body was over run. now if the liver can’t keep out the sugar that means the excretory system has been compromise. (to get waste/toxins out the body, the body needs to be able to eliminate it. So constipation has set in). The only way for the body to be constipated is from what it ingests. In this case we’re looking at the drug sugar.

The digestive system has been compromised now basically all body functions have to slow down . Let’s look at that, being that sugar is acidic when ingested by the body it weakens the stomach ability to produce proper acid. Acid is Acid so when the body ingest the acid that sugar is, the stomach wont have to produce any of its own.

Learn to ID sugar,,(man made) from sweet seed bearing foods from nature.

Now get the body a good colon cleanser along with an aloe vera leaf. When the stomach does not produce the right quality of acid, this is when food stays in the stomach longer than usual, that food begins to ferment in the stomach. The gas from fermenting foods in the stomach has to go somewhere and being that the excretory system is backed up that gas has to go up to avoid what is called heart burn. And on its way up this gas begins to burn the esophagus starting a mild to severe case of acid reflux. Due to the alkalinity of the aloe leaf (l would just peel a piece and eat it or blend and drink it ) energizes the stomach to produce the proper quality acid, 1. Stimulate peristalsis of the entire GI tract, 2. We will get to the parasites later.

Now am taking the colon cleanse that is designed to work with the body’s natural cycle assimilation, digestion, elimination. This is why we take the colon cleanse somewhere between 7-9 pm, this way at night when the body rest and goes through its cleansing period it wakes up in the morning and goes to the bathroom to eliminate. 

Now all this time i’m drinking my lemon water. Since we have some good movement and the body is eliminating efficiently, I would definitely drink some Dandelion or Yellow dock or even some liver gallbladder tea that would energize the liver. Cause it has a lot more work to do. Next time we would look at ways we can help the liver with all the hard work……..

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The body’s natural cycle

The absolute worst possible dietary pattern of eating for a type II diabetics is the standard diet advice given by dietitians and doctors across the country for almost all type ll diabetic patients, helping to  lock in an international epidemic of type II diabetes. They routinely tell individuals to snack in order to maintain their blood sugar and to “stoke” their metabolism with fuel. In normal health, when you haven’t eaten for three hours, insulin levels return to a baseline. Now your pancreas makes a  different hormone called glucagon. This hormone tells your liver to release the sugar it has stored (glycogen) to sustain your blood sugar levels, and as it does this it turns on your liver’s fat burning system. Why would one be advise to eat six small portion meals per day? Thus, under the influence of glucagon your liver simultaneously uses sugar and fat to sustain your blood sugar a true fat burning time that helps to clear up stagnating levels of triglycerides in your blood.

Also keep in mind that the body operates on a 24 hour cycle, like the 8 hour work day then you have a shift change. The body’s work day begins with assimilation. This is where we fuel the body when ready with the proper quality nutrients to sustain most of your day, this should always be the most energizing meal of the day. On the second shift comes digestion, the period where food is being broken down and used as fuel for the body with any extra energy being stored for later use. Third shift the body enters its cleansing phase, this period is where the body prepares to eliminate waste. Most of the time the body’s cleansing phase takes place over night when the body is at rest and this is the main reason you tend to go the toilet first thing in the morning. Yet we are taught we should eat 3 meals per day breakfast, lunch and dinner. Removing the body from its natural cycle, forcing it to perform nine cycles per day. Yet we wonder why the body is breaking down so rapidly. 

If you snack on anything surpassing thirty calories you will raise insulin, which automatically turns off glucagen, causing fat burning to stop, and blunts the use of sugar that has been stored in your liver. However, since you haven’t used the stored sugar in your liver, then insuiin can’t put more sugar back in your liver as it normally would, meaning it will readily turn blood sugar into fat (even if you snacked on something with no fat). You are supposed to get a snack between meals, but it’s supposed to come from your liver. Not from eating. The worst thing for leptin and insulin are eating between meals, eating large meals, eating low fiber, eating highly refined sugar or refined carbohydrates and not exercising. If you eat anything after dinner, especially a heavy dinner you make matters even worse, because now you reduce the optimal access into your stored fat during sleep, a prime opportunity to burn fat. When this system is abused and weight is gained, then fat begins to accumulate in excess in your liver. (one of the main reasons some people may wake up tired is eating heavy diner and eating later, now when the body should be cleansing it has to be digesting. Working overtime)

The fat clogs your liver metabolism and reduces the ability of sugar to store in your liver following a meal. This is liver insulin resistance caused by fatty build up. This means that you are much more likely to become hypoglycemic or  low blood sugar between meals, as you don’t have enough sugar in your warehouse to use for blood sugar between meals. This same fatty liver problem also gets in the way of how glucagon would burn fat between meals, causing glucagon to synthesize sugar in an inappropriate and out of-control manner, making blood sugar go high even though you haven’t eaten. This is why diabetics wake up with very high fasting blood sugar levels. These are complicated metabolic problems that are more difficult to fix than simple case of insulin resistance. Furthermore, your pancreas starts to tune out leptin, meaning that leptin resistance is occurring at the level of beta cells and the beta cells aren’t getting the leptin message to stop making insulin  in a timely manner. This causes extra insulin to be made, which excessively lowers blood sugar by turning sugar to fat, while simultaneously inducing hypoglycemia or low blood sugar symptoms. Not to mention all the overtime work the pancreas is doing for because of the problems that this sugar cause.

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Step one

When it comes to toxic sugar elimination, its always good to know your enemy. I just wanted to share some insight before we got to the details on the simple and effective steps in eliminating sugar from the body.. forget about the word “diabetes” that shit never kill nobody, lets get focus now on the main cause of body system failures. We know that sugar is acidic and causes the body to become predominantly acidic over time which just foks the body up. We want you to look at seeded lemons, ever ask why they are added to so many drinks and dishes?

Take avocados for example, when you making guak you squeeze a little lemon on it to maintain freshness and avoid the dark color change of the avocado aka as (oxidation). This freshness is what is know as oxygen rich. Just like any natural food, when cut oxidation begins due to the fact that the avocado is exposed to the atmosphere which is acidic. Now that you may be ingesting so much acidity and don’t realize it, the body begins to breakdown rapidly over time. So one of the simple and effective ways to energize the body is to ingest seeded lemon water, simply because of its ability to neutralize acidity quickly.

One of the main reasons we like this simple and effective method of using seeded lemons to neutralize the acidity of the body’s sugary state is that we’ve talked to many people that choose the alkaline water which is great, what we found with it, is that if the pH of the water if too high can make the user feel nauseous even to the point of being sick. So if you choose to use alkaline water from a machine it may be best to start at a pH of 8 and work your way up to 9.5 . You can do the numbers and then decide which way is best for you, just remember when it comes to alkaline water you are looking for a high ORP (oxidation reduction potential) and not so much ph. The color of water and drinks changing when testing for pH may be cool and fascinating but please check the orp to make sure you are receiving the benefits you are looking for, which evolves naturally in seeded lemons.

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Snowball effect

Blood sugar is taken up by fat cells, activating their metabolism, in turn producing the hormone leptin.
Leptin now enters your blood and begins traveling up to your brain. The more you eat, the more insulin your pancreas produce and the more leptin the body makes. When leptin levels get high enough, meaning you have eaten enough, then leptin permeates into your brain and tells your subconscious brain you are satisfied. This is where quality vs quantity matters. At the same time the higher levels of leptin are also telling your pancreas that you are full, which turns off the beta cell production of insulin, as no more taxis are needed.
If you ate the right quality of food for your physical activity level then blood sugar always has some place healthy to go.

Insulin rises and falls in a controlled manner, as does leptin.  When insulin has too many blood sugar passengers and cells don’t need any sugar, then insulin stimulates the production of triglycerides (which can become stored fat aka waste, the majority of this triglycerides build up in the arteries, veins and capillaries). As triglycerides elevate in your blood they get in the way of leptin getting into your brain. This keeps you eating more than you need to because you don’t have a full signal yet, a problem called leptin resistance. This encourages even further insulin-driven triglyceride formation, making it more likely you will gain weight also.

If you continually eat too much and are gaining weight, then your body cells get tired of seeing insulin taxis pulling up. In fact they shutter their windows and lock their doors, yes your cells will refuse to take in anymore sugar for the simple fact that the cells of the body knows it will be destroyed by the toxic sugar intake and here is when we see the body’s limbs turning black in color. Insulin becomes persona non grata. The reason for this rejection of insulin is rather simple “if the cells took in blood sugar when they can’t use it because they already have enough, then the extra sugar will caramelize and kill the cell. The same caramelization or crystallization one may experience in the kidney in the form of kidney stones. Rejecting insulin is a self defense measure some say. We have to understand the intelligence of the body is way beyond what is taught, we must know the body will do the correct thing at any given point in time because it wants to be here. 

This is the mechanism behind basic insulin resistance at the cellular level. If this problem keeps going, blood sugar levels continue to  rise, insulin resistance gets worse, leptin resistance gets worse, cholesterol levels go up, blood pressure goes up, triglyceride levels go up, and inflammation really starts heating up. Then BOOM your a type ll diabetic, Now risk factors for heart and kidney disease lock into place.

The problem for any kind of blood sugar medication is that it only addresses one of many mechanisms that aren’t  working right, while creating its own side effect complications. At best, it is a temporary solution with a narrow scope of benefits and never address the true source of the problem “sugar”. Furthermore, when more drugs are added in an effort to more comprehensively address the multiple aspects of problems, then side effects really pile up in a hurry and destroy your body. This means the risk of multiple drug treatment far outweighs the benefits, more often, the medication either forces sugar into cells killing or injuring them or it transfers the sugar into fat, making leptin problems worse that in turn make insulin problems almost impossible to solve. The shortcoming of these medications is openly acknowledged in the scientific literature, yet this is what passes for standard medical care. Therefore the statement is created “there is no cure for diabetes”

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Understanding Sugar

It started when I worked out of the boston office and would drive straight home after work for close to four hours, when I notice my vision started becoming blurry. But  not until I was falling asleep at a meeting and decided to pop some candy for energy, next thing i found myself passing out is when ah had to pay attention to sugar. The most common form of diabetes is type 2 diabetes. It is said about 90 to 95 percent of people with diabetes are type 2. This form of diabetes is most often associated with older age, obesity, family history of diabetes (we know that only DIEt goes from generation to generation), previous history of gestational diabetes, physical inactivity, and certain ethnicities.
Type 2 diabetes results from insulin resistance (a condition in which the body fails to properly use insulin) and after several years the insulin production decreases. The result is the same as for type 1 diabetes -glucose (sugar) builds up in the blood and the body cannot make efficient use of its main source of fuel. Now at this point you should ask “if sugar aka glucose is the number one source of fuel for the body, why are so many people dying from it? Am just saying when i put the right source of fuel in a car it becomes energized and your able to keep going but for some reason our main source of fuel is taking our lives and the lives of our young ones through the condition known as diabetes.

The symptoms of type 2 diabetes develop gradually. As more and more sugar enters the body from the foods we eat. Sugar.. upon entering the mouth damages a lot of the senses in the mouth, to the point where one can begin to develop an addiction/ to sugar. Due to what has happened to the paleet and taste buds the body has been tricked into accepting sugar within the body. If you have ever try chewing on one of those over the counter pain reliever pills you may have experience such a hard time swallowing that compound that you had to take it down with water. This is why most drugs are covered with a sugar coating. Allowing the body to think the drug is something that it can ingest. Its like being so hungry you couldn’t wait to eat so you tear open the sandwich and start chomping to the point you may have bitten off a piece of the wrapping of the sandwich also. So you chew and chew and notice the tongue is separating something in the mouth, next thing you know you are spitting out piece of the wrapper simply because the body knows that that material does not belong within the body. From this point we need to understand and know that whatever action the body takes is the correct one.

Their onset of type 2 diabetes is not as sudden as in type 1 diabetes. Symptoms may include Fatigue: “extreme tiredness from mental and physical exertion or illness” One of the main reasons for the body to experience fatigue is because it is low on energy, now you need to ask the question “what gives us energy”? So as we continue the destructive sugar journey down the digestive tract, one may start experiencing very poor digestion which can create onset of acid reflux. Let me explain.. What does our stomach produce to aid with digestion? Acid. Now being that sugar is acidic, when ingested, sugar gets a free pass through the stomach so now we observe the stomach gets lazy and doesn’t produce enough acid anymore to help break down the (fuel) real food. Acid is acid so what is there really to be broken down? Now as our food isn’t being broken down properly by the body one can develop a condition known as acid reflux where food is having a hard time breaking down as a result of poor acid production of the stomach. When this happens the food takes a much longer time to breakdown to the point it begins to ferment sometimes even rot in the stomach producing a burning sensation that rises from the stomach up the esophagus making its way to the throat and exiting the body. This gas that is produce by the rotting food, is what causes the pain and discomfort of what some may call acid reflux.

The ultimate fix for this is to be able to identify sugar when you see it, but for quick and effective way to eliminate this condition you can use the simple gel of the aloe vera leaf that will stimulate the stomach to produce the proper range of hydrochloric acid for digestion of food. Other herbs that help this condition would be Gentian root, Chamomile flowers, Dandelion root and others. digestion is a function of the body that begins with both smell and taste. If the body skips any of the digestive steps in breaking down your food there wouldn’t be much nutrients for your body to absorb naturally. Which can lead to fatigue and severe tiredness, when the body cannot absorb the nutrients that it needs, as the digestive system has been severely compromised by sugar.

As we follow sugar on it way to entering the body, from the stomach to the intestine area sugar begins to paralyze the intestinal villi.. “the fingerlike projections serving to increase surface area  and facilitate the passage of nutrients into the body. Due to the devastating action of sugar on the intestinal villi the body’s absorption of nutrients has been compromised even further and it is at this point where fatigue can be amplified even though you are eating three meals a day. 
What we should understand is that the many system and checks in place to keep toxic materials out of the body. the way that the body is design, we know that any material that is in the GI tract is still considered being outside the body, not until the proper digestion has taken place is when the transfer of nutrients should take place and now the contents of the small intestine is absorbed by the body into the bloodstream and is now considered inside the body……..